Bob Costas Teaches Pastors Football Is SIN!


So now, America’s pastors need a sports announcer to explain the Scriptures to them so they will know football is SIN? Unfortunately, these pastors do not seem to be getting their theology correct and need Bob Costas to explain theology to them. Maybe someone will create a “Costas Church Of The Nonviolent Way”? How is […]

Football Is SIN – Do No HARM!


  Is Football SIN?  Football is SIN if God’s Word means anything to you! Football is a game/sport that does evil to competitors.   Proverbs 10:23  To do evil is like sport to a fool, But a man of understanding has wisdom.   Anytime you harm someone without the express authorization in the Scriptures then you commit […]

Shalom. Football IS SIN!


  Football is sin. It does not matter how you package football because according to the Bible, football is sin. Gratuitous violence = SIN.  Football is gratuitous violence. The Hollywood movie industry and the Christian movie industries make hundreds of movies that will move you to tears and you’re your emotions around all the while […]