Romans 9:32 True Faith IS THE LAW of YHVH God The Father


Many who study the Greek language from Matthew to Revelation think the bible translators intentionally mistranslated various scriptures to effect their personal theological beliefs.

At the very best, almost all bible translators severely distort the actual Greek text by adding words that do not exist in the Greek and when someone reads those translations they easily get the false idea that Paul spoke against THE LAW YHVH God the Father gave to the children of Israel.

Those of us who know ALL the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation know it is impossible that God changes anything, ever.

Unfortunately, the Greek text uses the word nomos generically to indicate any mind of law.

But, consistently, when THE LAW of YHVH God is referenced it is accompanied by the Greek definite article THE as seen in dozens and dozens of examples.

And when Judaism, which is man made traditions, man made rules, and man made regulations are referenced it is ALWAYS without the Greek definite article THE.


Once you go through enough of these examples, it is without doubt the translators goofed up, at the very best of thoughts toward them.

James 1:17 makes it clear YHVH God the Father never changes.

YHVH’s Son made it clear he would never change ANY of his Father’s LAW.


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Tell all your friends and family so they can come into right relationship with YHVH God the Father and His Son here in the last days by keeping The Sabbath, The Feasts, and all THE LAW!