How Israel And Gentiles Ate Unleavened Bread CAKES And WALKED Out Of EGYPT!


Israel walked about 307 miles, 7.5 days, (495 kilometers), from Avaris in Egypt to Nuweibaa, at the Red Sea, and here is the proof of how they did it! We see lots of movies and documentaries and writings about Moses and the Israelite’s and Pharaoh and the Red Sea and those things are pretty much […]

Shabbat Shalom! Keep Torah And Be Like Him!


Nobody in their right mind thinks YHVH God the Father did away with the 7th Day Sabbath.   The 7th Day which honors and glorifies YHVH God the Father, our Father, the Elohim/God of ALL Creation. The 7th Day is forever tied to the Creation in multiple places. The 7th Day, above everything else, is […]

The New Covenant Is Coming…


Almost all Messianic teachers teach the Jeremiah 31 New Covenant incorrectly. WHY?  It is an issue of disobedience(s)… For Messianic teachers to teach the Jeremiah 31 New Covenant is a “renewed Covenant” is a horribly false teaching and goes against the very words of Jeremiah.  To teach Yeshua, God’s Son instituted the New Covenant is […]

Shavuot 2017 Begins Sundown Wednesday June 7


People differ on their counting the “omer” to Pentecost/Shavuot. However, there is widespread agreement on not eating ONLY unleavened bread for the 7 days of the Feast of Unleavened Bread… Why is there widespread agreement? Because disobedience comes easy as does ignorance. Sometimes disobedience combines with ignorance to create an easier, wider road rather than […]

The New Covenant – False Timing Unmasked


When I look at the New Covenant scriptures, I almost go into shock when I put them in context of the 31st chapter of Jeremiah. Jeremiah writes: 1. The Virgin of Israel shall be built. 2. YHVH brings the entire remnant of all Jacob Judah/Israel back into the Land from the oppression of the nations […]