The New Covenant – False Timing Unmasked


When I look at the New Covenant scriptures, I almost go into shock when I put them in context of the 31st chapter of Jeremiah.

Jeremiah writes:

1. The Virgin of Israel shall be built.

2. YHVH brings the entire remnant of all Jacob Judah/Israel back into the Land from the oppression of the nations (Gentiles).

4. Ephraim, the 10 Northern Tribes have returned and they are blessed after some 2700+ years scattered to the 4 corners of the earth.

Then, “AFTER THOSE DAYS” YHVH makes His:


New Covenant


available to ALL Israel (all 12 tribes + Levites) and some former Gentiles who grafted in and kept Torah like Rahab and Ruth.

And just in case you think I left something out:


3. Verse 30 – THE JUDGMENT 1 verse prior to the people who keep Torah entering into the New Covenant of Revelation 21.


Don’t believe me? Go to Revelation 20 and see what is the very last thing before Revelation 21…

All Gentiles, whether they are outside the bloodline of Jacob or inside the bloodline of Jacob are sent to the Lake of Fire.



Now ask yourself why 2.5 BILLION Christians believe the “new covenant” came in 3,000 years+ early?

Isn’t it amazing how for 2,000 years theologians have been able to OUTRIGHT LIE and get away with it and hardly anybody questions or exposes them?
How have billions of people read those verses in Jeremiah and NOT SEEN THE CONTRADICTION???
Answer that question correctly and you get a reward…

NOW, if we are not living in the New Covenant GUESS what we are living IN:


Romans 7:1  Or do you not know, brethren (for I speak to those who know law), that THE LAW has dominion over a man as long as he lives?