Paul Used God’s LAW To Win Jews to God’s LAW


This is one of the most dramatic examples of bad Bible translators wiping out the true meaning of “the law” in the writings of Paul.

In 1 Corinthians 9, we see Paul uses the Greek definite article to refer to YHVH God the Father’s LAW by emphasizing THE LAW and he eliminates the Greek definite article when he refers to what it is the Jews do which is contrary to THE LAW given to the children of Israel by YHVH God the Father.

It does not get much more plain that this – just like the nose on your face!

Paul makes it clear that in order to win the Jews over to the cause of pure Torah and their Messiah he must know and understand what, and why the Jews do what they do that is against YHVH God’s LAW in order to win them to keeping pure Torah and not defiling the Sabbath and the rest of THE LAW given to the children of Israel by YHVH God the Father thus invalidating their salvation possibilities.

It is crystal clear that the false theology of what we know today is called Talmudic Judaism is alive and well in these verses as contrary to the true faith of DOing whatever YHVH God the Father commands.

Christians, if you do not understand the abomination of Talmudic Judaism then begin reading about it here:


and other places and compare it to the written Word in Exodus thru Deuteronomy and you will see it does not match the scriptures.

Neither does Christian theology as both are abominations to YHVH God the Father and His Son because they add to and take away from the written Word he gave to the children of Israel and YHVH God the Father took His Written Word/LAW known as Torah and put it into His Son when He created His Son and that is why John 1:14 reads:


John 1:14  And The Word became flesh and dwelt among us

This act of God the Father creating His Son in this manner with His perfect Torah inside His Son is the beginning of the fulfillment of Deuteronomy 18:15-19

YHVH God the Father placed His perfect Torah inside His Son because He loves all His Creation and wants them to keep His LAW so they will be in right relationship with Him and His Son.

If you are in a church that says you do not have to keep The 7th Day Sabbath and God’s LAW passed away in the “old covenant” then obey Revelation 18:4-5 and get out of that church before it is too late…


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