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If you have come to this page with the intent of giving, you understand this ministry is YHVH Elohim’s flagship to lead the Children of Israel into the event Yeshua Messiah called the “Taken”. You also may have read the articles explain just what “the Gospel” actually IS. And what you realize now is “the Gospel” has not been preached throughout the world but the gospel of false theologies has been preached all over the world for many centuries, over 1,700 years. makes the vow to you that money given to this ministry is 100% used to preach the Gospel of YHVH God’s Law throughout the world for the purpose of the righteous children of Israel knowing exactly what to DO to be gathered in the “Taken” and moved to the Wilderness of Revelation 12. Also, there are many who will not be “Taken” just like the 5 unwise virgins were not taken and they will be left outside and they need to know what to DO when they find themselves outside the Wilderness and the mark of the Beast is everywhere they turn and they are being hunted down.

This is very serious stuff here at the end of the age, my friends!

Give your very best,


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