Health Study And Links

The Bible is about natural, God given health.

In order to maintain perfect health, The Scriptures indicate the only food people should eat is organic and CLEAN.

In order to know what is CLEAN food, one must be expert in what is said about CLEAN food in Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 and abide by it.

These are the Commandments of the Creator of the Universe and all that is in it.

There were no man made chemical farming and ranching operations in the Bible.

Otherwise CLEAN food that is polluted with man made chemicals is no longer in the natural state and even though by name it might be designated CLEAN, like a COW, it is been manipulated and changed if it is not a COW on a pasture eating natural grass and drinking CLEAN water.  If that COW is in a stall/cage eating chemically souped up grains and other chemical trickery the meat and the milk take on chemical composition different than the COW free ranging on natural grass and drinking clean water.


More than any other natural health website I recommend Dr. Mercola’s website because that is the one I started with over a decade ago and it is still my GO TO website.  I have visited dozens of other natural health websites and none compares to Dr. Mercola’s.  I do not believe there is anybody on the earth who has done more for natural health than Dr. Joseph Mercola.  Dr. Joseph Mercola is a tireless crusader for natural health and has donated millions of dollars to natural health causes.  I cannot say enough about his giving…


In terms of on site in-house research that people can trust, Mike Adams is superb: