Galatians 3:23 False Law UNSEALED!


Have you been deceived by Bible Translators? BILLIONS of people have been deceived by Bible Translators and do not know it. The so-called “new testament” was written in Greek in order to aid the evangelism of the nations who spoke many other languages.  In order to get the message of YHVH God and His Son […]

Everybody Was Messianic Agreeing to Keep THE LAW In The Wilderness…


Have you read The Scriptures enough to understand what happened in The Wilderness after leaving Egypt? Do you ponder the events and exactly what happened and why? They were ALL “messianic” in The Wilderness. They ALL believed THE LAW was The Way, The Truth, and The Light. They ALL believed Moses and Aaron were YHVH’s […]

Apostle Paul’s False, Man-made, “works of the law”


The Apostle Paul used a phrase when he was referring to false, man-made laws, rules, regulations, traditions, and requirements of Rabbinic Judaism known today as Talmudic Judaism. The phrase Paul used about these false laws is “works of the law”. Paul, at one time practiced the “works of the law” since he was schooled in […]

Romans 9:32 True Faith IS THE LAW of YHVH God The Father


Many who study the Greek language from Matthew to Revelation think the bible translators intentionally mistranslated various scriptures to effect their personal theological beliefs. At the very best, almost all bible translators severely distort the actual Greek text by adding words that do not exist in the Greek and when someone reads those translations they […]