Everybody Was Messianic Agreeing to Keep THE LAW In The Wilderness…


Have you read The Scriptures enough to understand what happened in The Wilderness after leaving Egypt?

Do you ponder the events and exactly what happened and why?

They were ALL “messianic” in The Wilderness.

They ALL believed THE LAW was The Way, The Truth, and The Light.

They ALL believed Moses and Aaron were YHVH’s anointed.

They ALL believed they were supposed to keep THE LAW.

They ALL believed they were supposed to keep the Feasts.

They ALL believed they were supposed to keep The Sabbath.


What happened?


What happened was one group of people did not take things as seriously as they should have and they died in The Wilderness.  Joshua and Caleb took things seriously.

The other group of people were their children…

They saw what happened to their parents…

They saw what happened to those after the golden calf episode who did not go stand on YHVH’s side with Moses…

They saw what happened to the man picking up sticks on The Sabbath…

They saw what happened to Korah and all those who stood with him against Moses…

They saw hundreds of thousands of people bitten by snakes and some lived who obeyed and looked at the bronze serpent pole but MANY died…

They saw incredible things that defy our modern understanding.

But they learned, and learned, and learned and grew in knowledge and understanding.  So when the time came for them to cross into the Promised Land then they readily renewed The Covenant of YHVH, with Moses.

They marched into the Promised Land and were victorious!  They kept ALL THE LAW of YHVH.

This is how the scripture records them:


Joshua 24:31  Israel served YHVH all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders who outlived Joshua, who had known all the works of YHVH which He had done for Israel.


A very similar thing is happening in Messianic assemblies today.

There are people like Group 2 in these assemblies.  They have charismatic “torah” teachers and some have big broadcast ministries.  But there is a problem…  They do not mind profaning The Sabbath and Feast Days and breaking YHVH’s LAW is they feel they need to do so and it is more convenient for them.

Then there are the Remnant like Group 1 who are bowed and very humble before YHVH, like Moses was, spending all their days seeking with all their heart, mind, soul, and strength to KEEP ALL of YHVHs LAW just like the children of those who perished in The Wilderness.

Group 2 is charismatic and flashy, they believe they are doing YHVH’s Will and that His Hand is upon them…  But they do not mind cutting corners in His Instructions on how to KEEP THE LAW given to the children of Israel in The Wilderness and GROUP 2 will not make it.  They will perish because they did not take the Commandments of YHVH seriously with all the heart, mind, soul, and strength.  They love what they truly believe is their lofty place in His service and they truly believe they have special privileges that enable them to profane THE LAW of YHVH and that He will forgive them (unlike the guy picking up sticks in Numbers 15).


Which GROUP are you really IN?