God’s Son Lift Up And EXALTS THE LAW In Matthew 5:17


We see billions of people who are under the spells of false theologies use Matthew 5:17 as a way to say Jesus (Yeshua) fulfilled THE LAW of YHVH God so we do not have to keep THE LAW anymore.

Nothing could be further from the Truth and ALL logic.

But a very simple Greek and Hebrew word study reveals Christian Theology to be hopelessly FALSE.

The same word badly translated to fulfill in Matthew 5:17 is used again in Luke 3:5 as filled.

In Luke 3:5 Yeshua is quoting the prophet Isaiah from Isaiah 40:4 and in Isaiah 40:4 the word is translated EXALTED.

Every valley will be EXALTED.

Other verses show us this means to be LIFTED UP or to LIFT UP.

The very idea God’s Son fulfilled THE LAW so all the people don’t have to keep THE LAW is ludicrous and total intellectual suicide.

Theologies exist for one reason and one reason only and that is to make a different path for people to gain salvation.

Theologies make FALSE PATHS.

That is WHY God’s Son in Matthew 7:21-23 tells billions of people at The Judgment that He never knew them.

It is time to stop playing games with false Christian theologies and repent and come out of that Harlot.

It is time to witness to all these Christians living by false, made up theologies that they are headed for a BAD JUDGMENT.