The Secret Of The Revelation 12 Offspring


Many, NOT ALL, who sleep in the “dust of the earth” will awake either to Everlasting Life or Everlasting Contempt.

Did you ever examine Daniel 12 really carefully?

The wording clearly indicates those who will awake are NOT ALL of those who sleep in the “dust of the earth”.

Just try searching thousands of teachings/sermons to see if ANYONE ever even remotely takes a shot at explaining this.

But I will share it with you here today how I have come to believe and understand how it works and why.

When we carefully examine Revelation 12 we see 2 groups of believers.

The first group is The Woman who gave birth to Messiah and then was persecuted.  Obviously people like Zecharias, Elizabeth, Mary, and Joseph…  The Righteous and Blameless in all YHVH’s Commandments.

The second group is the Offspring of The Woman.  They are not quite so Righteous and certainly no Blameless and have not perfected their craft/works.  The vast majority of them are lost and entangled in theological deceptions.

There is the parable of the wise virgins and the unwise virgins.

The Woman are the wise virgins who are Righteous and Blameless in ALL the Commandments of YHVH, Luke 1:5-6

The Offspring are those The Woman instructed in Torah but for various reason were either not yet Righteous and Blameless and were on their way to getting their garments CLEAN and WHITE, Spotless and also the group of Offspring who received YHVH’s Spirit but along the narrow path of Torah they got off track.

The 1260 days outside The Wilderness for the Offspring will settle ALL ACCOUNTS that need to be settled before the 7th Millennium.

Why do all those accounts need to be settled?

Because YHVH and His Son use the processes/trials of the 1260 days to determine who is genuinely Righteous and Blameless who will keep ALL YHVH’s Commandments and they will rule and reign with Messiah in the 7th Millennium as he oversees the Levitical Priesthood in Jerusalem and the people who survive the 1260+ days will provide the vast majority of their subsequent heirs to fulfill The Promise to Abraham that his seed would be like “THE SAND OF THE SEA”.

There appears to be exactly 69 Weeks to go until these things come to pass.  See my recent writings about the final 70 Weeks.

Remember the Sabbath to keep it HOLY and hold fast ALL The Covenant in ALL that you do each and every hour of every day.

Shabbat Shalom!