The Killing Stops When People REPENT!


Having trouble understanding the latest mass shooting in Las Vegas?

If you are, then you probably do not read the Bible.  At least, you probably do not read all of it.

Leviticus 26 tells us point blank WHY these things occur.


Leviticus 26:16  I will even appoint TERROR over you


Most people tend to think “oh it is just another bad man, a maniac, a deranged mentally ill person who hates the world”.

That is not quite the case.  Yes, this act was perpetrated by a very bad man yet the world is full of bad people and acts like this do not happen every day but they are definitely on the rise at an enormous pace, all over the world?


Because at no other time in the world’s history have so many people rejected YHVH God the Father.

Almost all of Christianity rejects YHVH God the Father by theologically claiming they do not have to keep His Commandments.

Almost all of Judaism rejects YHVH God the Father by adding to and taking away from His Commandments in Talmudic Judaism.

Almost all of Islam rejects YHVH God the Father by borrowing many of His Commandments then twisting them unrecognizably.

Leviticus 26 tells us people who do not keep YHVH’s Commandments will be terrorized.

The Bible is full of examples of YHVH bringing terror upon people because they do not keep His Commandments.

Bibles have been distributed all over the earth and the world is FULL of Bible but few read them and few obey His Commandments.

What most people live by is theology.

They do not live by THE FAITH that God’s Son lived.

They do not walk by THE FAITH that God’s Son walked.

Most people in so called bible believing churches do not even keep the words Jesus/Yeshua spoke.

Most churches do not even teach the Bible anymore they teach theology instead.  Sure they mention a bible verse here and there but then theology takes over…  Theology is a method of explaining away the Commandments of God.

Leviticus 26 tells us people who do not keep YHVH’s Commandments will be TERRORIZED.

Who is behind the TERROR?

YHVH God the Father.  Just see Isaiah 29 and hundreds of other verses that explain how God works in the matters.

Yes, Satan might be involved but YHVH God the Father pulls the strings on everything that happens.

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Shalom.  (Peace).


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