Infallible Proof: THE LAW = The Gospel



Do you know what an infallible proof is?

Infallible proofs are what God’s Son showed the disciples (as many as 120 or 500 people) during the 40 days after the Feast of Unleavened Bread after he had died and rose again.

Do you obey God’s Commandments, the Torah?

Torah is whatever YHVH God says to DO.  Nothing is optional, see John 15:14

We know from Deuteronomy 15:15-19 and other scriptures that whenever God’s Son speaks he is speaking the Words of YHVH God the Father whether he is talking about himself or talking about how to live and be obedient disciples.  It is not an option to be an obedient disciple.  We know what happens to disciples that disobey and do not use the gifts YHVH God created us with and gifts He gives us after we are born again, see Matthew 25:30

A major Commandment of the Torah is to preach the Gospel, which is THE LAW of YHVH God the Father, which is The Word of YHVH God the Father, which is the Faith of God’s Son.  Revelation 14:12  Only those who have and live the Faith of God’s Son exactly the way he lived it will enter into the Kingdom, no exceptions.  If we do something outside of how God’s Son lived his life then we are technically out of the Faith.


The Gospel = THE LAW.


How do we absolutely know this?  Many ways but here is one infallible proof…

Hebrews 4:2 tells us the Gospel that was preached to the disciples of God’s Son, to those who became Apostle’s, to all those who believed, that Gospel is THE LAW.

Hebrews chapter 3 does not beat around the bush or attempt to give a vague knowledge of what the Gospel IS.

Hebrews 3:16-4:2 tells us point blank that those who believe obey THE LAW of YHVH God.  This short story starts with Moses and the children of Israel in The Wilderness and explains how the disobedient to THE LAW could never enter into His Rest because they did not obey the Gospel and Hebrews 4:2 tells us the Gospel was preached to EVERYONE who came out of Egypt.

There is no way around these scriptures.  It is as plain as the nose on your face.


The Gospel = THE LAW.


What was preached in The Wilderness?  THE LAW of YHVH God.

What were they supposed to obey in The Wilderness?  THE LAW of YHVH God.

Why did they die in The Wilderness?  They disobeyed the Gospel (THE LAW).

If you have been told the Gospel is some “GOOD NEWS” that was NEW once Jesus started his ministry then you have been lied to…

If you have been told the Gospel is the books of Matthew thru John then you have been lied to…

Hebrews shows us THE LAW = The Gospel and was preached by Moses.

Hebrews shows us THE LAW = The Gospel and was preached by Aaron.

Hebrews shows us THE LAW = The Gospel and was preached by Joshua.

Who preached in The Wilderness?  Joshua, Aaron, and Moses.


The Gospel = THE LAW.



An infallible proof.



PS…  All disciples of God’s Son and his Father are commanded to preach THE LAW in all the world, no exceptions.

This infallible proof should be shared in posts and comments in millions of places on the internet and in real life witnessing in the streets and every place people exist so The Gospel will be preached in all the world, then the end comes very, very soon.

Click it, copy it, share it.  Memorize it and go tells thousands of people out on the streets in your ministry.  Build your ministry with this proof.

Do not think you can keep the Sabbath and some Torah and be exempt from preaching THE LAW everywhere.  Those who do not have an active ministry will not enter the Kingdom.  Matthew 25:30

All the Torah tells us this is the case that every believer is to have an active ministry, no exceptions.  Those who think their job is done by sending a check to a ministry so someone else can do the work will not enter the Kingdom because they buried all their personal gifts/talents YHVH God gave them and did not answer THE CALL to GO.

We also know from infallible proofs that the word believe means to hear and obey.  Have you discovered that proof yet?