False Prophets – Breaking YHVH’s Commandments


It is painfully obvious in The Scriptures, in several places, the expectations of those men who have hair and beards on their heads that they keep those well trimmed.

Ezekiel makes it excruciatingly clear as to the expectation of ANY who would pretend to be YHVH’s Priests/Levites.

Pictured are a famous Messianic minister and a Chief Rabbi of Israel who both clearly violate the clear Commandment and expectation.

There are several other scriptures that pertain to YHVH God the Father’s expectations of hair on our heads, if you can find them.

It is CLEAR here that YHVH has numbered every, single, tiny, little hair that protrudes from a hair follicle on our heads.


Matthew 10:30  But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.


WHY does YHVH do this?

Have you ever asked yourself what is YHVH’s expectation of a man prior to him taking a VOW?

Have you ever asked yourself what is YHVH’s expectation of a man during the taking of a VOW?

Why do these 2 famous “leaders” clearly disobey YHVH’s expectations?

What is it about false ways of men that entices “leaders” like these 2 guys to break YHVH’s Commandments and lead others to break YHVH’s Commandments?

Do they somehow think they will be regarded as WISE if they let their beards grow long?

Are their bread hairs where their brains are?

What happens to teachers who intentionally disobey the Commandments of YHVH?

What happens to “leaders” who teach the people to disobey the Commandments of YHVH?

I encourage the people to read all the scriptures for themselves – many, many, many times to proves all things and what is the perfect acceptable WILL of YHVH God the Father and His Son.

You will also find it is not a good thing to go around looking like you took ½ a VOW…


PS…  Both these guys in the picture deliberately violate Deuteronomy 13 and fit the definition of false prophets.