Sabbath NOT Salvation Issue? False Prophets Part 1


Was YHVH just having a bad day in Numbers 15:32-36 ?

Was YHVH just in a bad mood when they took a man to YHVH to determine punishment for breaking The Sabbath Commandment and instructions?

Was YHVH our Father not thinking that day when he had a man stoned to death for picking up sticks (for a fire) on The Sabbath?

Or was YHVH our Father communicating to us just how serious He is about what He says?

Can we somehow have it both ways?

Can we now go out and pick up sticks on The Sabbath and since we “believe” in His Son we will breeze through THE JUDGMENT while the man picking up sticks from Numbers 15:32-36 spends his eternity in the Lake of Fire?

Or is there simply no Lake of Fire that anybody gets casts into…?

Is it even remotely possible that YHVH has one set of laws for some people and a different set of laws for other people who read the same Bible?

This website called TorahClass dot com is known by MANY of my FB friends.

Yet there it is in black and white that they believe keeping The Sabbath is not a salvation issue.

How in the world can they promote Torah and exclude Numbers 15:32-36 in this article?

Does making a glaring error in this article make all the rest of their teaching suspect?

For me and my house, this one article makes EVERYTHING they say suspect and I would never recommend them to anybody…

It is far better to stay at home and read dozens of chapters in the Scriptures on The Sabbath than to play poor teachings or watch broadcast ministries on The Sabbath that would lead you astray and cause you to break any of YHVH’s Commandments…

Do my friends who do read or watch/listen to the teachings at TorahClass dot com know this exists?

Folks who now know this exists need to go to this ministry and get them straightened out before it is too late…

The time is very, very short.

The Messianic community is rampant with false beliefs like this…

Be VERY CAREFUL if you read/watch/listen to anybody rather than studying the scriptures yourself and proving EVERYTHING for yourself.