Are the Globalist Elite Setting Up A Situation To Steal The Election?


Are biblical prophetic events taking place right now in Washington D.C. ?

Very peculiar events are taking place right before our eyes!

Is a plausible scenario to proclaim the USA in a state of EMERGENCY, over the fake issue of the Russians stealing the election and influencing the election, and use that scenario to void the election of Donald Trump?

Interesting sequences being revealed by various alternative news agencies:

As discussed it is EXTREMELY strange for Obama to reintroduce the already failed U.N. ARMS Trade Treaty back into the U.S. Senate, with him having less than 30 working days in office.  Makes absolutely no sense!

And see this revelation from Zerohedge:



Sunday news programs and Main Stream Media are full of Trump/Russian collusion accusations.

Meanwhile, Julian Assange visits FOX News and says it was not the Russians:

Things are really heating up, folks!

Great time to be a Watchman!!