Global Economic Collapse Friday October 23 – 2015

Dear Friends,

If you have read this far, then please consider a few more words.

This is Tuesday morning – you have only about 72 hours to prepare yourselves, your families, and those who follow you.  If you are truly Watchmen, if convinced by the evidence you must sound the alarm far and wide.

I have many reasons to believe there will be a total Global Economic Collapse on October 23, 2015.

I am not some fly by night opportunist.  I come with serious credentials in making this prediction.  Below this short paragraph, you will find some credentials.  You will also find a solution, but I fear the time is too late.

I am merely trying to help people and have been trying to do that for over 1.5 years since I first became aware of the time frame of this Global Economic Collapse.

I first announced the Global Economic Collapse at and then at in the Spring and early Summer of 2014 but nobody seemed to be listening and that scares me.  To date, everything I predicted has come true.  I assure you the evidence is staggering and it is both from the real world and the prophetic world.

I am one of the top, if not the top financial analysts in gold and silver futures trading in the world.  I am well known in commodity circles for making predictions that have come true related to gold, silver, oil, Greece, and other economic events.

You hold in your hands the power to help people.  If you sit on this information and do nothing, then millions could suffer needlessly.

This is very serious business and I hope you take your followers welfare very seriously.  I have gone to great lengths to send you the email that brought you here and all I ask is that you deeply consider what I have to say and what I have proved.


Marshall Swing

Media/Ministry/Church Contact:  Phone 618-566-7779 (I do not take calls at this # from anyone but media/ministry/church outreach officials)

Crash Information:

As I said, the timing of the Global Economic Crash of 2015 is based on real word event and prophetic analysis.

Thousands upon thousands of economic articles say a massive derivatives crash is imminent, just do a Google search: “derivatives crash 2015 debt bonds currency”.

Recently, I analyzed The Economist magazine cover of the year, owned by the Rothschild family and others of their class and found they telegraph the timing of the crash:

I did an interview about that article with Dr. James F. Tracy:

In the article analysis, you will see they also telegraphed the timing of a one world currency in their 1988 cover but I believe that was an estimate rather than a set date.

On the prophetic side, in my professional life I was a data analyst and database administrator.  That background enable me to make my predictions on the crash of gold and silver prices when no other analyst in the world had the skill to do so.  I used these analytic skills to calculate the crash time frame based on the prophecies and the crash predicted in Revelation 18.

You can see the time lines and basis of my analysis here in these charts and in the two articles:

and my Excel summary spreadsheet found here:


In early 2012, I predicted the collapse of silver and gold prices and it came true in the time frame I expected:

My history of articles can be found here:

I am not connected nor do I have a business relationship with SilverDoctors, everything I write is free and I do not sell anything for personal profit as I do not need the money.

I am a Messianic minister of YHVH’s Gospel for over 4 years.  I was a Christian minister for 36 years.

I am a professional musician and recording artist: and I take no personal profit from my music sales and have signed over all rights to my publishing and appearances to a tax exempt Messianic ministry.

Retired from USAF in Engineering and Computer Programming.

Retired from Energizer, Eveready Battery in Computer Programming and was their Corporate Database Administrator in Oracle.


The only solution to preserve wealth in the Global Economic Collapse of 2015 is to outright own hard assets i.e. silver, gold, platinum, palladium, real estate, other commodities etc.

I recommend silver, then gold, then metal’s mining companies that have indicated, proven, measured silver or gold resources in their portfolios.

99.9% of your followers will not know how to purchase any of these.

They can purchase silver and gold at their local coin shops, retail outlets online, like SilverDoctors or APMEX, and others.

Most will find out coin shops and retail outlets have very little in stock and have to order it.  If they do not have it “allocated” at the time of the purchase, once the crash happens, then most likely they will never get it as their money would be returned to them as their will be no non allocated purchases after the crash.


I created

The Exodus Fund is a wealth preservation fund and is the only fund of its kind.

Because of its unique relationship with the largest silver and gold bullion dealer in the world, The Exodus Fund can offer almost instant allocation at the refiners thus at the mining companies themselves.  Since The Exodus Fund’s supplier deals only with customers who purchase large quantities of 1000 ounce silver bars and 100 kilo gold bars, at extremely low premiums, The Exodus Fund is able to open its doors to virtually all people in the world who could make a purchase from virtually any dollar amount, let’s say from $100 all the way up to $Millions of dollars per transaction via wire transfers and credit/debit card purchases.

Anyone who preserves their wealth with The Exodus Fund should read the documents found there very carefully.

The Exodus Fund is not an investment fund, it is a wealth preservation fund operated by a tax exempt religious corporation and does not return a profit.  I did not have time to set up a standard, for profit investment fund as that takes many months and enormous legal expense and time has run out quickly.

When I say The Exodus Fund does not return a profit, if you consider it a profit when you preserve $1000 of silver or gold while all paper cash and investments in the world go to ZERO and those people are left with nothing, then consider that a profit because now you have $1000 in precious metal while everyone around you has nothing.