Geocentric Earth Proofs Of Malcolm Bowden, Engineer/Scientist

There is far more scientific evidence the earth is stationary than there is the earth rotates on an axis as it speeds around the sun but most people do not even realize the evidence exists as critical scientific thought has been purged from academic schools at all levels.

Critical scientific thought has been replaced with mind control and information control.

These videos will leave you asking yourself questions and scratching your head as to why you were never told all this evidence and all these experiments exist.


Why the Sun circles the Earth

Geocentricity explains the seasons

Joshua’s Long Day

The Importance of Geocenticity

Geocentrism explains “Morning Meteors”

Geocentricity – the unchanging orbits of the planets

Geocentricity explains retrograde motion of Mars

Geocentricity Star parallax and redshift

Geocentricity – The Orrery (2nd Improved version)

Geocentricity – Satellites+Mach

Geocentricity 2nd version.wmv

The Experiments:

Michelson-Gale Experiment explained

GEOCENTRICITY – An animated explanation of “Airy’s Failure” experiment.

GEOCENTRISM-Sagnac’s experiment – an animated explanation

OLD VERSION – GEOCENTRICITY-The Earth is at the centre of the Universe 22min

Geocentrism – Bowden rebuts Cool Hard Logic