The SIGN Of A New Believer Is Keeping The Sabbath

Green light on a traffic signal at an intersection.

In Exodus 31 we see The 7th Day Sabbath is the SIGN YHVH gave His People.

In Ezekiel 20, we see YHVH repeating His position that The 7th Day Sabbath is the SIGN of all true believers and it is YHVH God the Father who sanctifies all true believers.

Everywhere we look in Matthew thru John, God’s Son is always keeping his Father’s Sabbath and that is the SIGN to all true believers that the man Yeshua obeyed and loved YHVH God his Father.

And it is exactly the same in Acts 15, that all new Christians keep The Sabbath every 7th Day as they read Moses in their assemblies.

Nothing has changed, not a jot and not a tittle.

And God’s Son said it always has to be that Way:


John 10:35 “The Scripture cannot be broken”


So ask yourself this…  If all new believers in the book of ACTS are in the assembly every 7th Day Sabbath reading Moses as they learn how to keep Torah and please YHVH God the Father, what did the modern “christian” church start doing at least as early as 325AD when they got rid of The Sabbath and got rid of Moses?

IF you are in a church where you are not taught to keep The 7th Day Sabbath and read Moses, THEN you are in a church that is NOT like the churches in the book of ACTS.


Do what Revelation 18:4 says to do and GET OUT.


I recommend people stay away from all churches until they know what they are doing and know where and if they should even go to a church at all.  In Exodus 16, we see the commandment was to “stay in your place” meaning your home.  Soon, we see they gathered to hear THE LAW and learn it.  Later, we see they held what were holy convocations.  These days, I recommend all people stay in their home and read the Scriptures as much as possible so if you ever do venture out to what you think might be a valid assembly/church and eventually a holy convocation that you know the difference and do not get fooled.

Holy convocation means HOLY, period.  It does not mean a group of just any people who claim to be believers gathering together…

True believers have a specific purpose to practice in keeping The Sabbath HOLY.

Stay at home, read the Scriptures voraciously, and learn what you are doing and how to do it…

Don’t settle for second place in the race!

How to begin?