AW Tozer, anti-Sabbath, anti-LAW, anti-God


I have seen a lot of people who say they keep the Sabbath and THE LAW posting AW Tozer quotes lately…

On the surface, AW Tozer can seem like he is preaching against sin.  He’s not.



Listen to the false theology right from the mouth of AW Tozer…

AW Tozer’s definition of sin and holiness is NOT the biblical definition of sin.

AW Tozer’s definition of sin is stuff within “Christ’s HIGHER law” and “the transgression of the Will of God”.

AW Tozer rejects the biblical definition that SIN is the transgression of THE LAW.

AW Tozer rejects keeping the 7th Day HOLY.

AW Tozer rejects Christians should live according to “the old testament law”.

AW Tozer rejects the Feasts of YHVH God our Father.

Even in death, AW Tozer is still leading men in the wrong direction, away from the Creator…

What is wrong with using AW Tozer quotes?

How about if someone who reads your quote of Tozer then becomes a follower of Tozer and at The Judgment YOU are held responsible by the JUDGE because you led people to break YHVH’s Commandments by way of leading them into following Tozer?

YOU led them contrary to God’s Commandments, His Sabbath and everything He says is His Ways.

That IS The Way The Judgment works.

We hear so much these days about FAKE NEWS.  It is a sin to spread fake news.  That is bearing false witness.  If you have a source, rather than quote them blindly, check it out to make sure they are not lying and also making you a liar with them!

Many old time preachers who preached against sin can seem very enticing particularly in this day and age where sin is everywhere you turn.  But you have to realize they and their theologians created a false definition for sin based on theological belief which does not honor the Creator YHVH.

Many of them served a false “son of god” who was a theological creation rather than YHVH’s SON.

Far better to never quote anyone, learn all the Scriptures for yourself and not some teacher, and preach YHVH’s Gospel from The Word and not some teacher’s mouth…