Pesach Shalom! Born Again By YHVH’s Spirit


Last sundown began YHVH’s Passover.

It is YHVH God the Father’s Passover.

There is NO OTHER GOD, not one.

We roasted the lamb last night and then ate with bitter herbs and unleavened bread cakes, then burned the remainder we could not eat in the fire.  We have a large fire pit circle in our backyard.  It takes a long time for the remainder to burn and we settle into watching it burn in the flames and gazing at the moon and stars.  It is interesting to watch the fat burn contrasted with the meat burning.  The smell is wonderful – no wonder YHVH likes it.

If you have never slaughtered a lamb, I highly recommend doing so next year.  Begin making the arrangements now.  Find a local livestock producer and secure a lamb in advance.  If you have several families who qualify, you can split the lamb between you as well as the duties involved.

When you were burning the remainder of your lamb last night, could you hear the screams of the Egyptians?  I could.  I heard them VERY CLEARLY.  I also heard the screams of everyone in my town who are not and will not be found keeping TORAH before The Judgment.  Did you happen to hear those screams?  2.5 Billion Christians screaming and I both hear them screaming and see in visions and dreams the horror that is their fate for disregarding YHVH and His Son (TORAH).

The scriptures remind us how extremely painful it is for those who will not obey YHVH’s commandments.

But, what is Passover?  What is up with burning leftovers in the fire?

Passover represents repentance and being BORN AGAIN by virtue of being washed clean in the blood of the Lamb.  Are the teachers you listen to talking about being born again in relation to Passover?  Isaiah 63 and other scriptures shows us the Holy Spirit entered into them ALL.

Being born again happens right then and there, after repentance and commitment, no exceptions!  A bride cannot just turn to her future husband – she must commit to him.  No one gets born again unless they are willing to obey WHATEVER YHVH (and His Son TORAH) commands them.

The person who truly repents from their sin and commits themselves to obey WHATEVER YHVH commands is born again in an instant.

They experience, for the first time, what it feels like to be CLEAN from their sin.

All who ate the Passover, in Egypt, were BORN AGAIN as YHVH’s Spirit entered into them and they OBEYED.

It is that simple.

But, what is not simple is holding onto the born again, CLEAN, blood of the Lamb washed state.  We read that very clearly once those Israelite’s get into The Wilderness.

The scripture tells us they were baptized into Moses crossing through the Red Sea.  What does that mean?

It is a show of total obedience and earnest commitment to DO anything YHVH God the Father commands.

Why does it say “baptized into Moses”?  Because Moses represents TORAH just like God’s Son represented TORAH, obedience.  If we baptize “in the name” of Yeshua Messiah what we are saying is we publically show we are committing to total obedience to TORAH.  It is very simple.

If we baptize “in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” what we are saying is we publically show we are committing to total obedience to TORAH.  It is very simple.  Those who study and seek to know and understand these things are those who become The Righteous and Blameless.


Well, this is getting long, isn’t it…?  Short attention span?


But what about burning the remainder in the fire?

Oh, you get to be priest for a day…  Touch it, feel it, experience it and then you begin to APPRECIATE the Priests and the Levites by understanding their duties on behalf of YOU and learn to DO what they say when they read the TORAH to you.  Yeshua said the same thing, didn’t he?

You see, while you are burning the remainder in the fire, all around you is heard the screams of the disobedient Egyptians who mock TORAH as their male firstborns are killed by the execution of YHVH’s Commandment.  Probably over a million firstborns died that night.  It was not just babies, toddlers…  All male firstborns died that night.  ALL of them without respect to age.  WIPED COMPLETELY OUT…

You see, the God we who keep TORAH serve is a jealous God and He WILL NOT tolerate disobedience on any level…  For long…

Those who do not take seriously every single WORD of all the TORAH and I mean every single WORD, phrase, clause, statute, and ordinance and read them and perform them as if all their health and welfare, and very souls, and families depended on keeping it will not enter into the Kingdom of YHVH God the Father.

They are not his friends no matter what they do or say or how great they appear to teach and lead people.  Do not be deceived by them.

Yes, you might learn some things by watching their teachings but in the end if they cause you to violate YHVH’s Commandments so that you go to The Judgment uncovered I can assure you IT WILL NOT BE WORTH IT in the long run…

We stand at The Judgment alone.  We stand based on our own study of all YHVH’s Commandments and what we did not what some teacher told us is their version of what to do which contrasts from the written WORD.

They have chosen to seek Him and represent Him their way and NOT HIS WAYS.

Pesach Shalom!



We perform counting based on the sliver moon sighting (and the barley once a year).  Conjunction folks are a little earlier than I am and full moon folks are a little later than I am.  I know all their teachings and politely reject them.  The Watchman does not sound the alarm when he can see nothing and does not sound the alarm when everything is already seen and OBVIOUS TO EVERYONE.  Shalom.