False Prophet Series – Dr. Brown

Unfortunately, here at the end of the 6th Millennium the world is full of False Prophets and that is exactly what the prophecies foretold.

A FALSE PROPHET is anybody, any pastor, any minister, any priest, and teacher, any theologian, and person who says its okay to NOT KEEP the Commandments of YHVH God the Father of all Creation.

God loved the world so much HE put THE LAW into the man/prophet He created and called His Son.

He required the world to obey His Son or they would perish into the Lake of Fire.

God’s Son said the FIRST and GREAT Commandment is to love His Father, YHVH, the Creator of everything.

God’s Son said the way we know he loved his Father is that he obeys His Father’s Commandments.

God’s Son kept the 7th Day Sabbath and ALL THE LAW of His Father perfectly.

God’s Son says in Matthew 19:17 that eternal life/salvation only comes by being obedient to His Father’s Commandments.

God’s Son said the same exact statement in Revelation 22:14

God’s Son said the only people who would be saved are those who keep His Father’s Commandments and endure to the end of their lives walking in that faith in YHVH God the Father.

All the Apostles and disciples taught everyone to keep THE LAW of YHVH.

Isaiah, who foretold great prophecies of God’s Son says in Isaiah 56 the only way to salvation is keeping The Sabbath and THE LAW.

The first and foremost reason God’s Son even exists is because YHVH put THE LAW in him so the people would obey His LAW.

God’s Son kept THE LAW perfectly and thus became the perfect sacrifice for sin INSIDE THE LAW, not outside of it.

Anybody who does not know these simple biblical principles needs to read and study in order to gain approval, according to the Apostle Paul.

Just as the prophets foretold there are millions of FALSE PROPHETS here in the last days before the final events of Revelation, the return of YHVH’s Son and YHVH Himself, and the beginning of the 76th Millennium.

All who teach against YHVH Commandments, in effect telling them they do not have to keep The Sabbath and THE LAW are FALSE PROPHETS.