Shabbat Shalom! False Theology Is EVERYWHERE!

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“I, My Hands, stretched out the heavens and ALL their hosts I have commanded.”

Well, that alone does it for me.

Who, in their right mind, upon reading/hearing those WORDS would turn around and question ANYTHING YHVH God the Father says to DO?

Why would anyone complain about keeping The Sabbath and THE LAW when that is what their Creator says to DO?

YHVH wants more than anything to raise us up in Righteousness.

And the ONLY WAY to Righteousness is His Way.

The Sabbath and THE LAW were the FOUNDATION for the life YHVH’s Son lived…

The Sabbath and THE LAW were the FOUNDATION for the life Enoch, Noah, and Abraham lived…

The Sabbath and THE LAW were the FOUNDATION for the life Moses, Joshua, and ALL the Prophets lived…

The Sabbath and THE LAW were the FOUNDATION for the life of Peter, Paul, James, all the other Apostles and disciples have lived for the last 2,000 years…

The Sabbath and THE LAW are the FOUNDATION for the life the Scriptures tells us we should live…

It does not profit a man if he goes against the very WORDS of God’s Son and chooses to dishonor His Father by not loving His Father the WAY God’s Son loved His Father?

Loving The Father is the GREATEST COMMANDMENT and God’s SON said the way we all know he loved His Father was that he KEPT His Father’s Commandments!

How clearly does a perfect picture have to be painted before sinners quit sinning and become doers of the WORD and not hearers only?

We are rapidly approaching the end of the 6th Millennium…

DO NOT let anyone talk you out of keeping YHVH’s Sabbath and ALL THE LAW He gave the children of Israel.


Isaiah 56 reaffirms that keeping The Sabbath and ALL THE LAW is in fact what The Faith IS.


God’s Son reaffirms that fact in Revelation 22:14 and many other places.

Do not let theology become your god.

Millions of people bow down to theology and worship those escapes from The Sabbath and THE LAW.

EVERYWHERE all along the narrow path of salvation, which is DOing whatever YHVH God Commands us are people, pastors, teachers, ministers, evangelists, “apostles”, rabbis, and many others beckoning us to forget about DOing the WORDS that came out of YHVH God the Father’s Mouth.

Some of them even tell you to keep The Sabbath and THE LAW but that you do not have to keep it ALL THE TIME.


Be very careful out there:


1 Peter 5:8  Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.


Be very careful out there!

Shabbat Shalom!!


PS… Just in case you did not get it…

YHVH is THE ROCK of Salvation and the only Elohim/God:


Deuteronomy 32:3-4

For I proclaim the name of YHVH:
Ascribe greatness to our God.
He is the Rock, His work is perfect;
For all His ways are justice,
A God of truth and without injustice;
Righteous and upright is He.

15 “But Jeshurun grew fat and kicked;
You grew fat, you grew thick,
You are obese!
Then he forsook God who made him,
And scornfully esteemed the Rock of his salvation.
16 They provoked Him to jealousy with foreign gods;
With abominations they provoked Him to anger.