Stay In Your Place On YHVH’s Sabbath!


If there is ONE THING I could communicate to all my friends that is absolutely important on YHVH’s Sabbath it is this:


The Commandments are VERY SPECIFIC.

Exodus 16 is the cornerstone chapter on the expectations of YHVH for His People to keep The Sabbath HOLY.

We are to GUARD His Sabbath with all our heart, strength, mind, and soul.

The Sabbath IS the EVERLASTING SIGN of all true believers.

Many people who come to the Truth want to rush out to a church where other people claim Sabbath on the Sabbath.

The ONE THING I will say to you is DON’T.


If you go somewhere that is not a valid HOLY CONVOCATION then you are violating Sabbath LAW and that does not end well.

If you engage is ANYTHING that is not HOLY on the Sabbath then you are at risk.

You want to scour the scriptures in order to KNOW WITH ABSOLUTE SURETY you are not going to a place that profanes The Sabbath.

Many, many, many Messianic ministries profane The Sabbath in many various ways.

This is NOT something to take lightly!

Many ministries are all about “the teaching” and “the man” doing the teaching.  We know who they are.

If those men who are their leaders were to pass away, those ministries would be no more.


Because they are not keeping The Sabbath HOLY but are engaging in something more about the charisma and attraction of the man leading them.

I do not watch any ministry, especially one that broadcasts on Sabbath evening because I know it profanes The Sabbath.  I know it is NOT a HOLY convocation.  I have asked the right questions of that ministry and I know for an absolute certainty it is NOT a HOLY convocation.  That is extremely serious business in the eyes of YHVH but most people do not take it seriously.

A HOLY Convocation is NOT some sort of variety show!

A HOLY Convocation is NOT a place where you would ever invite someone who is not a Sabbath keeper.

A HOLY Convocation is not a place where you would hire camera, engineering, editing, and crew who are not Sabbath keepers.

A HOLY Convocation is not a place where you would pick up the phone and call YouTube, Google, Vimeo, or any other broadcast provider if your Sabbath broadcast is not working.

A HOLY Convocation is not a place where you would hold it in a hotel rented space and have ANY of the hotel staff, caterers, contractors, and non believing or non Sabbath practicing people work for you or supply any need you have in any way shape form on YHVH’s HOLY Sabbath.

You do NOT want to have ANYTHING to do with a “ministry” that does those things no matter how good the messages seem or how “anointed” the MAN leading the “ministry” seems to be.

If you get led astray into ANY “ministry” of this type and do not repent of those things then you will show up at THE JUDGMENT and receive a great surprise from the JUDGE.

The Sabbath and true belief is NOT about how you THINK your heart is…

True belief is about what you DO.

I traveled to Charlotte, NC in 2014 to what I thought was a valid Messianic TV ministry and I was shocked.  It was pretty much an empty shell.  I walked into a “church” building room with a man up front speaking on TV with almost no one sitting in the chairs in the audience and with a very capable camera crew filming him.  This “ministry” had virtually no reading of the scriptures in their practice except what was covered by “the man” being filmed.  This ministry had virtually ZERO praise/worship/singing and the specific reason given by “the man” was if too much emphasis is given to praise and worship then it can become a personality problem and not good for authority of “the man” and the “work”.  So, the people who did come from time to time were not allowed to engage is true praise/worship/singing.  This “ministry” had what appeared to be a couple of dozen of dedicated local followers who diligently did the tasks of supporting “the man” and his teachings.  This ministry had NO witness in the local community.  They did not organized ministry to local nursing homes, hospitals, jails, homeless, streets, knocking on doors, etc, etc, etc…  Neither did the “OTHER ONE” in Charlotte, NC.  These 2 “ministries” are almost totally and completely about “THE MAN” who is in front of the camera and would fall apart within a few days if something fatal or otherwise happened to “THE MAN”.  Both of these ministries in Charlotte, NC were absolutely willing to do the things I list above that are NOT a HOLY Convocation.

That is why my advice to ALL who love YHVH and seek His salvation is to STAY IN YOUR PLACE on His HOLY Day and only venture out to any gathering IF you have determined they keep The Sabbath HOLY according to the scriptures.

The Messianic world has become RIFE with celebrity-like teachers who are very popular and lead people astray of the Scriptures.

It is FAR BETTER to stay in your place and read many hours of Torah and other Scriptures every Sabbath than it is to go outside your home and visit a place where they PROFANE The Sabbath of the Most High YHVH.

They did not have ANY TV ministries in the days, weeks, months, and years following the death of YHVH’s Son…

Yet, somehow, unbelievably somehow to our ways of thinking, somehow they REACHED MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS of people who became believers and kept God’s Sabbath and THE LAW He gave to Israel.

Gee, is YHVH God’s Spirit not able to do that today?

Does YHVH’s God’s Spirit require TV to reach the masses?


Not in any way, shape, or form!

YHVH God’s Spirit merely requires willing participants like the Apostle’s and Disciple’s to OBEY ALL the Scriptures and minister to everyone in EVERY WAY listed in those scriptures in THE LAW and just like YHVH said through His Son:


John 12:32  And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.


That is YHVH speaking through the mouth of His Son.

Ministries that abdicate the local ministries described in Torah are dangerous traps!

They are usually ALL ABOUT “The Man”.

TORAH dictates local ministry FIRST.  If anyone does not have local ministry programs then they are not qualified to reach out beyond their local area.  It is only after establishing local ministry that anyone should ever attempt to branch out beyond their boundaries.  WHY?  Because if they do not minister to the local widows, orphans, homeless, jail prisoners, nursing homes, hospitals, etc THEN chances are their outreach will not be able establishing those types of YHVH approved ministry beyond their borders…

Common sense, huh?


Answer: Because if you do not do it right at home then you will not do it right anywhere else!!!

Common sense, HUH?

Anytime you see a “ministry” willing to profane The Sabbath on YHVH’s HOLY Day you know that ministry is not approved.  And if you bring it to their attention, which I did with both of them, and they reject profaning The Sabbath then you know for an absolute certainty they are not approved by the Most High YHVH.  Will people come into knowledge through those unapproved “ministries”?  Yes.  But knowledge will not save anyone, it is only understanding in keeping the Commandment and not profaning the WORDs of YHVH that will save anyone.

Shabbat Shalom!