Build 3rd Temple Today Says “experts”


The race to suffer even greater judgments seems to increase by the day in Israel.

Chaim Richman gives this “intellectual” and witty, yet ignorant, encouraging plea to rebuild NOW.


A relatively small segment of the Jewish population wants to rebuild the 3rd Temple TODAY.

Never mind that many people in the land do not keep YHVH’s Sabbath and ignore most or all of His LAW.

The “sacrifice” was taken away from Israel in the form of the Temple by YHVH God Himself who caused the Romans to destroy it.  There is not tabernacle, there is no ark of the covenant… and more importantly there is no YHVH guiding them.

The Temple was taken away because the priests were practicing false laws, rules, and regulations known today as all the “extra added to torah” STUFF in Talmudic Judaism, traditions of men who are not approved by YHVH.

Things really have not changed that much in almost 2,000 years…

They do not seem to have learned their lessons and do not seem to have learned by their mistakes.

Sexual sin is rampant in Israel and there is no attempt to clean it up.

Sabbath breaking is rampant in Israel and there is no real attempt or consensus to keep YHVH’s Sabbath.

Appointed times are routinely broken in Israel and there is no real attempt to reform.

How in the world could this small majority of Talmudic Jews have deceived themselves into believing they should build a 3rd Temple before the people have been justified, sanctified and purified, and ready for such an undertaking?

How could they completely ignore Joel 2 and the required repentance and sanctification?

How is that possible?


Hint: Isaiah 29


I say they are racing to sure judgments by putting the cart before the horse of Righteousness!