Stay In Your Place – Wait On YHVH


The Sabbath is a special commandment of YHVH God the Father.

Bad things can easily happen to people all over the world who do not keep His Sabbath on His Holy Day.  Just read Numbers 15:32…

One day a week, for 24 hours, we stop everything to honor Him, the Creator, the ONE True Elohim/God, study the scriptures, be with family, pray, worship, cease from work, and show the sign of the Creator’s Covenant with those who truly love Him and His Son.

This is the main way The Son of God showed his love for the Father and The Son said obeying The Father’s Commandments is how we should also love YHVH.

On this day the only other activity we might have is going to a holy convocation and they are very rare to be found.

On the Sabbath, The Son of God never did anything other than walk to a holy convocation and return to his place.  If he healed, he did it in the holy convocation area, his disciples plucked and ate grain walking to or from the holy convocation in accordance with THE LAW.  That’s it.  That is the essence of the commandment as YHVH God the Father wants, desires, and demands your full attention on His Sabbath Day.

The blessings from obedience to this Commandments are immeasurable like nothing I ever experienced during my 35 years in the Christian church where the Creator’s Sabbath is scoffed at, ridiculed, and mocked.

I experienced wonderful things in the Christian church but nothing, absolutely nothing there compares to knowing for absolute certainty you are abiding in the Father’s perfect Will.

On that day, His Spirit prepares those with His Sign for the week to come and provides the knowledge and understanding of the full armor for battle.

On the 7th Day, The Woman of Revelation 12 rests, prays, sings, worships, and most importantly scours the scriptures and is nurtured.  That is Proverbs 1:1-3

The day of Revelation 12:14 is soon coming and The Woman will be taken in the twinkling of an eye into The Wilderness and all hell breaks out in all the rest of the earth.

Those who have been counted worthy to escape the wrath of Satan for 1260 days will be nurtured in The Wilderness in ways beyond our current comprehension, in a physical location on the earth, as they await the defining final moments of Messiah and YHVH ending this 6th Millennium.

The Woman is being prepared for 1260 days for those final days of fierce battle!

My calculations and personal confirmations show the Revelation 12:14 moment is little more than 2 years away as the countdown of Daniel’s 70th Week began on 9/23/2015.

To all who want to know more I will release some confirmations in due time but anyone can easily with some thorough study map the plan on top of 9/23/2015 and see where most things happen.

The preparation for this glorious event, Revelation 12:14 is NOT knowing when it is going to happen.

The preparation is in the obedient keeping of the Commandments of YHVH, just like His Son did it, and knowing you are in the Father’s Perfect Will based on the promises.

Nobody who knows when the day is coming can prepare for it in any other way.

Solomon wrote keeping YHVH’s Commandments is man’s ALL.

Everything else is secondary!

God’s Son stated the very same thing in Matthew 6:33 in seeking YHVH God the Father’s Righteousness and…




“ALL these other things will be added to you”!!!

Part of the preparation of obedience to keeping YHVH’s Commandments is witnessing the truth of THE LAW to a lost and dying world.

Yeshua DID NOT send out the 70 disciples because there were no internet and TV broadcasts in those days.

Personal witnessing word to word, and face to face, with the lost and off THE Salvation LAW path believers is YHVH God the Father and His Son’s CHOSEN WAY.

Sometimes I see some folks saying God’s Spirit will bring everyone to knowledge of Torah in these last days who are approved and picked by YHVH.


YHVH could have done something like that with His Spirit during the days of Yeshua but He chose not to do so…

YHVH’s CHOSEN WAY in getting His Word out is word to word, face to face, exactly the same as His Son did it and exactly the same way as His Son’s disciples did it.

Don’t rely on some internet/TV ministry to witness for you.  You are the front line in the battle.

Shabbat Shalom!