Where Do They Come up With the Ideas for these Movies? 

YHVH, that’s where 😉

YHVH can take a follower and put certain ideas of His in the followers head and He can take a non-follower and put ideas in that non-follower’s head…

We see that done in the scriptures like when Abraham went to Egypt and Sarah was taken into Pharoah’s House and then YHVH comes to Pharoah in a dream and all of a sudden Pharoah is very upset.

We also see various scriptures where YHVH takes the enemies of Israel and YHVH and has them attack each other and they kill each other off and we see that happening in the world today, over and over again.

People dream up things…

They dream up good things and bad things, go figure 😉

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

In the case of the new movie “San Andreas”, YHVH gave the idea to the writer to show the people all over the world what is going to happen to them if they do not repent and keep His commandments.

Revelation tells us MANY perish by what seem like “natural disasters”.  A quick tally in Revelation tells us 55% of the world’s population perish in just two verses!

I will probably never see the movie “San Andreas”.

I do not have network TV in my house.

I do not have cable TV in my house.

I no longer have Netflix in my house.

I have internet in my house and I choose what my eyes eye but I will not let those others into my house because with their movies, news, shows, etc, etc, etc, they bring sin right into your living room and in front of your eyes, in front of your spouse’s eyes, in front of your children’s eyes.  They pop up commercials endlessly streaming the love of sin right across your show breaks.

I got rid of network and cable about 5 years ago and life has been far better than it ever was.  I spend all my time composing music, playing music, studying scriptures, and helping others see YHVH’s Way, and much much more.  I do not have time for Satan’s media.  I used to watch FOX News but that got so bad with sin on news shows that I turned it off and paid the cable bill still for months before cable and network got the “Hasta la vista”.

Also, there is the aspect that the companies which take your money for the sin they put in front of your eyes support all sorts of sin in every form, shape, and size all over the world.  With Netflix, I finally got sick and tired of every time I went to select a “Faith & Spirituality” there was a button right below it called “Gay & Lesbian”.

I became aware there is Christian movie streaming and there is usually a semblance of good morals in those movies though most of them are against YHVH’s Law and I will look into that but entertainment is not something I put much value on these days.  I always get a kick when I watch a Christian movie and they set down to dinner over a pork meal or seafood…  I could talk for hours on this subject and I will in the near future after the global economic collapse cause those who enter into the Wilderness must be free of encumbrances or they are left outside at The Taken event.

Remember, who you give your money to matters in a big way to YHVH.

If you do not throw sin out of your house in every form that it comes into your house then YHVH will not let you into His House.  That lesson is taught in Joshua 7.




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