Lake Mead Sinks to Record Low, Risking 2016 Water Shortage…/lake-mead-low-water-sho…/29202475/


“But Tuesday’s record low — registering 1,074.99 feet — signals the reality that Colorado River water users consume more than the river provides, said Drew Beckwith, water-policy manager with the Western Resource Advocates, a non-profit environmental law and policy organization.”

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In California, they do not seem to grasp yet, that one well placed YHVH sinkhole, or massive earthquake, could drain their lakes in a matter of minutes.

Isn’t it better for the governor to lead his people in true repentance for their sins and the institution of YHVH’s Law He gave the children of Israel into the California justice system than to be slowly drained of the water that nourishes life?


Jeremiah 14:1-3
14 The word of YHVH (the Lord) that came to Jeremiah concerning the droughts.
2 “Judah mourns, And her gates languish; They mourn for the land, And the cry of Jerusalem has gone up. 3 Their nobles have sent their lads for water; They went to the cisterns and found no water. They returned with their vessels empty; They were ashamed and confounded And covered their heads.