Share/Witness “THE LAW” Posts All Over The Internet In Social Media, Forums, Article Comments – Shout It From The Rooftops!

My goal is to give Torah keepers all the tools they need to understand the Scriptures and to witness Truth to all the people throughout the world.

There are several ways to share “THE LAW” posts using them as witnessing tools:

1.  Share to Facebook.  Click the article link and it opens in a new browser tab.  Go to the bottom of the article and click share.  Then you have available all the same share options in Facebook.

2.  Hover your mouse over the article link and right click then select “copy link address”.  Now you can go anywhere on the internet and paste the article link in all social media, forums, comments on other articles in all places, or use in private chats!

I encourage folks to go all over the internet, find appropriate places to share and use my posts to witness to the deceived people who think they should not KEEP YHVH God’s LAW which He put into His Son so the people could hear His Voice through His Son.  Time is very short and The Gospel which IS THE LAW of YHVH God must be preached over the entire earth!



“works of the law”

Romans 9:32  Galatians 2:16  Galatians 3:2  Galatians 3:5  Galatians 3:10


Acts 7:53          



1 Corinthians 9



Romans 2:23  

Romans 3:19-21

Romans 7:23  

Romans 9:32  

Romans 10:4  



Galatians 2:16

Galatians 2:21

Galatians 3:1-11

Galatians 3:18

Galatians 3:23

Galatians 4:5  

Galatians 5:4,18



Philippians 3  



Titus 3:9