Believe EQUALS and means OBEY

John 5-24BelievesInHimWhoSentMe

You know, it’s one thing to know a verse in the Bible. That is called knowledge… But it is quite different to fully understand what it means! That is called understanding. That is WHY the Berean’s searched The Scriptures (Genesis thru Malachi) to see if what Paul was saying was true… It is not like […]

What Does It Mean To BELIEVE?

Hebrews3and4TrueBeliefEqualsKeepingTorah A

Theologies have a MASSIVE problem in the pages of what they incorrectly call the “new testament”. The problem is what does the Bible state and teach is the definition of TRUE BELIEF… The masses of people like to proudly say since they believe in Jesus they will be saved. But is there any truth to […]