Galatians 4:5 Redeemed From Bible Translators!


When God’s Son speaks so highly of his Father’s LAW how can the Apostle Paul justify speaking negatively against YHVH God the Father’s LAW? The answer is EASY, Paul never speaks negatively against YHVH’s LAW. That would be like committing suicide! One would be speaking against THE LAW of YHVH God the Father which all […]

Galatians 2:21 Righteousness Not By Man’s Tradition!


Galatians 2:21 has long been used by theologians and their followers to beat over the heads of people who want to obey YHVH God’s Commandments just like Messiah obeyed YHVH God’s Commandments and just like the Apostle’s taught we should obey YHVH God’s Commandments. Those who have read all the Bible once or many times […]

Philippians 3 – Throw Away Man’s Theology!


I am always amazed how people speak ill of the Creator of the Universe’s LAW. I am always amazed at how much hate, venom, and disgust is poured out, by people who claim God and His Son, against those who DO what the Scriptures say to DO and keep YHVH the Father’s 7th Day Sabbath […]

Galatians 3:24 Unsealed!


Greek and Hebrew word studies are a beautiful thing!   Galatians 3:24 has been greatly misunderstood. Follow the progression closely…   1. Eliminate “to bring us” because it does not exist in the Greek.   2. Change was-G1096 to is-G1096 because other verses show us IS is used for the very same exact Greek word. […]