Apostle Paul’s False, Man-made, “works of the law”


The Apostle Paul used a phrase when he was referring to false, man-made laws, rules, regulations, traditions, and requirements of Rabbinic Judaism known today as Talmudic Judaism. The phrase Paul used about these false laws is “works of the law”. Paul, at one time practiced the “works of the law” since he was schooled in […]

Romans 9:32 True Faith IS THE LAW of YHVH God The Father


Many who study the Greek language from Matthew to Revelation think the bible translators intentionally mistranslated various scriptures to effect their personal theological beliefs. At the very best, almost all bible translators severely distort the actual Greek text by adding words that do not exist in the Greek and when someone reads those translations they […]

Galatians 3:18 Understanding How Abraham Obeyed THE LAW


Galatians 3:18 discusses the inheritance of The Promise to Abraham and how it transfers through Abraham to his “seed”. Here, Paul is saying the transfer of The Promise is not through false, man made, laws, rules, requirements, doctrines which we read in Matthew through John that God’s Son fought against continuously – but The Promise […]

Galatians 2:16 Man Is Not Justified By Man’s Laws


It is so critically important to understand WHO and HOW God’s Son Yeshua is made and how he is constructed, his physical makeup, and that the words he speaks out of his mouth are not his words and he even says so.  We find those things in Deuteronomy 18:15-19 God’s Son tells you how absolutely […]

Romans 7:23 THE LAW Of A Right Mind Versus Sin


Romans 7:23 is a very interesting scripture that uses the Greek word nomos for “law” 3 times. The 1st time it is clearly talking about the sinful desires of the flesh which everyone agrees in not YHVH God’s Holy Law.  Paul is communicating that something evil and contrary to God exists within his flesh which […]

Acts 7:53 Stephen Was NOT A Christian!


  Modern Christianity defines itself as not having to keep YHVH God the Father Creator of the Universe’s LAW. They are opposed to THE LAW as Bible translators continue to this very day to crank out Bible translations which change the original manuscripts of the Greek language (and Hebrew language as well) and deceive the […]

Galatians 4:5 Redeemed From Bible Translators!


When God’s Son speaks so highly of his Father’s LAW how can the Apostle Paul justify speaking negatively against YHVH God the Father’s LAW? The answer is EASY, Paul never speaks negatively against YHVH’s LAW. That would be like committing suicide! One would be speaking against THE LAW of YHVH God the Father which all […]