Obama – Alive, Active, and Anti-Messiah!


Barack Obama is not going away.  Not by a long shot… In fact, he’s just getting warmed up for the main event. Obama opened up his foundation this week and attracted big names around the world. MANY have identified Obama as the anti-Christ (anti-Messiah) to come.  He has been identified through bible verse sequences, bible […]

The Gospel First Preached In Exodus!


The book of Hebrews says The Gospel was preached to the Children of Israel after they came out of Egypt. That is the unmistakable message of Hebrews 4:2 and the verses leading up to Hebrews 4:2 The Gospel is always going to be whatever YHVH God the Father says to DO. Everything YHVH God the […]

AW Tozer, anti-Sabbath, anti-LAW, anti-God


I have seen a lot of people who say they keep the Sabbath and THE LAW posting AW Tozer quotes lately… On the surface, AW Tozer can seem like he is preaching against sin.  He’s not.   https://www.keepandshare.com/doc/8188659/warning-tozer-is-anti-sabbath-who-says-believ http://www.sermonindex.net/modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php?cid=6&min=60&orderby=titleA&show=20 http://ia600306.us.archive.org/31/items/SERMONINDEX_SID2026/SID2026.mp3   Listen to the false theology right from the mouth of AW Tozer… AW Tozer’s […]

Football Is SIN – Do No HARM!


  Is Football SIN?  Football is SIN if God’s Word means anything to you! Football is a game/sport that does evil to competitors.   Proverbs 10:23  To do evil is like sport to a fool, But a man of understanding has wisdom.   Anytime you harm someone without the express authorization in the Scriptures then you commit […]