The New Covenant – False Timing Unmasked


When I look at the New Covenant scriptures, I almost go into shock when I put them in context of the 31st chapter of Jeremiah. Jeremiah writes: 1. The Virgin of Israel shall be built. 2. YHVH brings the entire remnant of all Jacob Judah/Israel back into the Land from the oppression of the nations […]

Messiah: When Conceived and Born?


  This study, hopefully, presents ALL the known evidence about Messiah’s and John the Baptist’s births and conceptions in picture form so anyone can easily see the facts. I see many articles/posts/videos trying to pinpoint the exact time of Messiah’s birth.  Every one of them I read seem to ignore various facts and considerations and […]

Are You Sold Out To Paganism?


If you have a Christmas Tree in your house, then you are definitely sold out to Commercialism and most likely sold out to paganism and definitely not sold out to YHVH God and His Son. There is not Christmas Tree in the Bible, in fact the Bible speaks absolutely against it in several places.  There […]

Believing False thing? Throw Out the LIES!!!


Do you believe in the eternal YHVH God who created the heavens and the earth?   Or do you believe is some man made-up religion?   Have you substituted a false religion for True faith in God?   Have you substituted man made doctrine for True faith in God?   Have you substituted man made […]

Do You Worship A False Image Of God’s Son?


Do you follow/worship a false image of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ)? Have you been duped by churches, teachers, bible schools, and seminaries that specialize in false theologies? Have you been cheated out of the true relationship with God and His Son described in Isaiah 56? Are you living your life contrary to or different than […]