Porn Crackdown In The Philippines!


  Pornography has destroyed the lives of tens of millions, perhaps billions of people, men, women, and children, animals, and now even robots. Pornography is easily associated with rape, child rape, molestation, bestiality, adultery, untold millions of divorces, fornication, lusting/coveting, and far more, and is totally and completely contrary to the commandments of YHVH God. […]

Galatians 2:21 Do NOT Frustrate The FAVOR OF God

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If one actually studies all the scriptures in the Bible where the word commonly believed to be “grace” is used then they unavoidably run into the inescapable conclusion that FAVOR and the modern concept of “grace” cannot be the same thing!  In the Hebrew the Strong’s word is H2580, in the Greek it is G5485.  […]

Lunar Sabbath Conspiracy Exposed!


This is absolute proof the “lunar sabbath 8,15,22,29″ conspiracy is false… This should be more than enough proof for anyone to logically see the fallacies of “lunar sabbath” theory. The overwhelming PROBLEM for lunar sabbath-ists is Messiah kept the correct Sabbath time and there is no record in history of Romans having to deal with […]

Romans 8:28 Be Conformed To The EXACT Image Of Messiah!


The Bible in Romans 8:29 tells us to be conformed to the image of God’s Son. The Greek word is this: G4832  συμμορφός  summorphos  soom-mor-fos’  From G4862 and G3444; jointly formed, that is, (figuratively) similar: – conformed to, fashioned like unto. We are instructed to look at the way Messiah lived and to live just […]