The Sorcerers of Revelation – Man Made Chemicals/Drugs


The earth’s seas are dying… Bees around the world are dying… Birds around the world are dying… Here, we see a killer whale highly contaminated with PCB’s thanks to Monsanto Company headquartered in St Louis, Missouri.   Most people do not even know what PCBs are: Most people seem […]

Leviticus 13 – John MacArthur FALSE PROPHET


  A while back, “grace” teacher John MacArthur made the statement a person could take the mark of the beast during the Tribulation and still be saved… This cause an uproar and eventually MacArthur apparently recanted his statement.  Maybe. The debate continued to roar and as it turns out many leading celebrity Christian “teachers” hold […]

Build 3rd Temple Today Says “experts”


The race to suffer even greater judgments seems to increase by the day in Israel. Chaim Richman gives this “intellectual” and witty, yet ignorant, encouraging plea to rebuild NOW.   A relatively small segment of the Jewish population wants to rebuild the 3rd Temple TODAY. Never mind that many people in the land […]

Sea Creatures Full Of Toxic Chemicals!


YHVH God and His Son gave us strict commandments and when obeyed they give us LIFE. These are not commandments to watch us jump through hoops. The Commandments are specific and they are the definition of LIFE and its order and balance. When people eat shrimp, crab, lobster, pork, etc they are destroying the ecosystem […]

The Revelation Beast(s) Hate Donald Trump!


The Globalist’s are coming out in full force to denounce Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again plan! They are pulling out all the stops in their beastly “organ” in order to discredit and turn the people of the U.S. and the people of all the world against The Donald. They are the same […]