Come Out Of Her Christian Theology, My People!


What 2 John 1:4 leaves out in the cold is modern, Christian Theology.   Christian theology is a fraud.   Theologians take bits and pieces of the Truth and carve up the Truth like a “thanksgiving” turkey or Christmas Ham, pumping it full of theological chemicals to entice people who genuinely think Yeshua/Jesus Messiah/Christ was […]

Infallible Proof: THE LAW = The Gospel


  Do you know what an infallible proof is? Infallible proofs are what God’s Son showed the disciples (as many as 120 or 500 people) during the 40 days after the Feast of Unleavened Bread after he had died and rose again. Do you obey God’s Commandments, the Torah? Torah is whatever YHVH God says […]