AW Tozer, anti-Sabbath, anti-LAW, anti-God


I have seen a lot of people who say they keep the Sabbath and THE LAW posting AW Tozer quotes lately… On the surface, AW Tozer can seem like he is preaching against sin.  He’s not.   Listen to the false theology right from the mouth of AW Tozer… AW Tozer’s […]

ONE LAW For Israel And ALL Strangers, Period.


There is ONE LAW.  There is no separate set of rules for Gentile Strangers!   Exodus 12:49  One LAW shall be for the native-born and for the Gentile (stranger) who dwells among you.   False theology has permeated all the earth and the earth is defiled under its inhabitants. Theological Christians, Muslims, and those in Judaism […]

Is Your Ear Uncircumcised? Can You Hear Me NOW?


Do you have an uncircumcised ear? Apparently most of those in the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam DO have uncircumcised ears… Islam has many references to the Torah Scriptures and Sabbath in their Quran but they refuse to even consider obeying those verses in their writings. Judaism gives endless mention of the Torah Scriptures […]

Leviticus 13 – John MacArthur FALSE PROPHET


  A while back, “grace” teacher John MacArthur made the statement a person could take the mark of the beast during the Tribulation and still be saved… This cause an uproar and eventually MacArthur apparently recanted his statement.  Maybe. The debate continued to roar and as it turns out many leading celebrity Christian “teachers” hold […]

Are You Following A False Prophet?

Jesus arms outstretched TORAHJohn1-14Deuteronomy18-15-19

Which Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) do you follow? Do you follow the Messiah the Prophets wrote about…? Or do you follow the false, theological “Jesus” that theologians twisted the scriptures to create in their image? The prophecies state YHVH God the Father’s WORD/LAW/Torah is in His Son’s mouth and everything you hear His Son speak […]

What IS A Cult?


In about late 1981, I began in depth study into the “cults”. I borrowed “The Kingdom Of The Cults” by Walter Martin, from a wonderful Assembly of God Chaplain Lt. Colonel at Minot AFB, ND and read it cover to cover in a short time then moved onto other books about the “cults”.  Martin’s is […]

Woe To Those Who Call Evil Good


Unknown to many lay, or ordinary people in Christianity, Christian Theology has built itself on lies. Most people in Christianity recognize God’s Son on a cross dying for their sins. But once you start peeling back the layers of what the pastors and theologians in Christianity actually believe and teach the people and lead them […]

The Truth of Predestination – Keep Torah!


  Much has been written over the centuries about the Doctrine of Predestination…  And virtually all of it false!   The anti-Biblical, and satanic Calvinist’s doctrines are the writings of a mad man who was a murderer and not in the faith at all. Roman Catholcism wickedly believes “ those whom God has elected […]