ALL Things Against YHVH God and His Commandments


All things against YHVH God and His Commandments are the Harlot of Revelation and the Beast System. The Harlot of Revelation is an adulterous woman who claims legitimacy but engages in disobedience and partial truths mixed with outright lies. The Beast System is everything in the world that is totally against YHVH God and His […]

God’s Spirit Is NOT In People Who Reject His Commandments!


All the children of Israel left Egypt born again with God’s Spirit.  Isaiah 63. Samson was born again and baptized with God’s Spirit and God’s Spirit left Samson when Samson betrayed his vow.  Judges 16:20 Saul was anointed King over Israel, was born again and baptized with God’s Spirit and prophesied but God’s Spirit left […]

Shabbat Shalom! Modern Christianity Is A Cult Fraud


Modern Christianity is a cult fraud. The Apostle Paul says no unclean person has any inheritance in the Kingdom of God. Sometimes, people see a long list of invalidating behaviors and tend to focus only on the really, really bad murderers who will be placed in the Lake of Fire. Jude says the same thing […]

Come Out Of Her Christian Theology, My People!


What 2 John 1:4 leaves out in the cold is modern, Christian Theology.   Christian theology is a fraud.   Theologians take bits and pieces of the Truth and carve up the Truth like a “thanksgiving” turkey or Christmas Ham, pumping it full of theological chemicals to entice people who genuinely think Yeshua/Jesus Messiah/Christ was […]

Messiah Equals TheWord and Torah Equals Messiah


Theologies delete and ignore Scriptures or change the meaning of Scriptures in order to make themselves relevant and deceive the masses. In order to create their false son of god, Christian theologies had to delete the reality of Deuteronomy 18:15-19 And theologies had to change the reality of John 1:14 that The Word spoken through […]

AW Tozer, anti-Sabbath, anti-LAW, anti-God


I have seen a lot of people who say they keep the Sabbath and THE LAW posting AW Tozer quotes lately… On the surface, AW Tozer can seem like he is preaching against sin.  He’s not.   Listen to the false theology right from the mouth of AW Tozer… AW Tozer’s […]

Is Your Ear Uncircumcised? Can You Hear Me NOW?


Do you have an uncircumcised ear? Apparently most of those in the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam DO have uncircumcised ears… Islam has many references to the Torah Scriptures and Sabbath in their Quran but they refuse to even consider obeying those verses in their writings. Judaism gives endless mention of the Torah Scriptures […]