Actor Dies Decades Earlier Than Expected


There has been an onslaught of celebrity deaths lately… Most celebrities do not live a life pleasing to God as defined by the Commandments in the Bible. They not only tend to lead immoral lives but support political causes that are immoral according to YHVH God’s Commandments. KEEPing YHVH God’s Commandments extends to eating a […]

Biblical Diet, No Cancer, Statistics, Proof


Notice on the ALL INCIDENCE map equatorial countries have far less cancer incidence. Notice how developed countries have FAR HIGHER cancer incidence. Notice how countries where the people get more Vitamin D the cancer rates are far less. Notice how predominantly Muslim Countries have FAR LESS cancer incidence rates. Muslims eat a closer to a […]

Vast Majority Of Republicans Pro-Abortion


The vast majority of all Republicans are pro-abortion and don’t even know it…  Yet. In the pictured article, the big discussion in Florida is over a Pit Bull produced, for the State of Florida, illicit sex video to lure tourist dollars to the State of Florida and boost the economy there.   But […]

Build 3rd Temple Today Says “experts”


The race to suffer even greater judgments seems to increase by the day in Israel. Chaim Richman gives this “intellectual” and witty, yet ignorant, encouraging plea to rebuild NOW.   A relatively small segment of the Jewish population wants to rebuild the 3rd Temple TODAY. Never mind that many people in the land […]

Sea Creatures Full Of Toxic Chemicals!


YHVH God and His Son gave us strict commandments and when obeyed they give us LIFE. These are not commandments to watch us jump through hoops. The Commandments are specific and they are the definition of LIFE and its order and balance. When people eat shrimp, crab, lobster, pork, etc they are destroying the ecosystem […]

Catholic Priests Preach FALSE Gospel!!!


You can read it and see it for yourselves, the link is at the end here, 7 percent of Catholic Priests in Australia accused of abusing children. The book of Hebrews makes absolutely no mistake in revealing to us that The Gospel that Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) preached was preached by Moses in the Wilderness. […]

The Revelation Beast(s) Hate Donald Trump!


The Globalist’s are coming out in full force to denounce Donald Trump and his Make America Great Again plan! They are pulling out all the stops in their beastly “organ” in order to discredit and turn the people of the U.S. and the people of all the world against The Donald. They are the same […]