Are You Sold Out To Paganism?


If you have a Christmas Tree in your house, then you are definitely sold out to Commercialism and most likely sold out to paganism and definitely not sold out to YHVH God and His Son. There is not Christmas Tree in the Bible, in fact the Bible speaks absolutely against it in several places.  There […]

Believing False thing? Throw Out the LIES!!!


Do you believe in the eternal YHVH God who created the heavens and the earth?   Or do you believe is some man made-up religion?   Have you substituted a false religion for True faith in God?   Have you substituted man made doctrine for True faith in God?   Have you substituted man made […]

Do You Worship A False Image Of God’s Son?


Do you follow/worship a false image of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ)? Have you been duped by churches, teachers, bible schools, and seminaries that specialize in false theologies? Have you been cheated out of the true relationship with God and His Son described in Isaiah 56? Are you living your life contrary to or different than […]

Life Is Not A Sure Thing If You Do Not Keep God’s Sabbath


I live right in the middle of all this snow and ice and mayhem in Missouri and Illinois! Just like in Numbers 15, health and life are not guaranteed to anyone who violates YHVH God the Father’s 7th Day Sabbath. This has been true since the beginning of the history of the earth, is true […]

The Penalty for Not Keeping The Sabbath Is Still Death


You must answer this question to even be considered to receive eternal life! If God’s Son is Master (or Lord) of the Sabbath, then why would those who claim to be his followers not keep the Sabbath? If God’s Son’s Father YHVH says He created the Sabbath for man and it is to be kept […]

Romans 10:4 The End of False Leader’s Slavery!


All of us who grew up as children and lived as adults in Christian churches have heard thousands of times “Christ ended the need to keep God’s Law because he did it for us”. That lie is repeated over and over again millions, billions, easily trillions of times reinforcing to believers the idea they do […]

Marshall Swing: Santa Claus – Satan’s Claws


I awoke early to the sound of the radio playing the local Christian music station today…  They were playing Christmas music.  I monitor that station every morning as I wake up to see if anything of substance is being played there.  Funny, I keep listening to see if I will ever hear a great story […]

What Is The Basis For Faith?


  People talk about having faith.  Prosperity preachers talk about getting more faith.  “Jesus” talked about moving mountains with faith. But, what is the basis for faith in YHVH God? If we look in an English Bible, we do not see the word faith mentioned until Deuteronomy 32: Deuteronomy 32:20 20 And He said: ‘I will […]