Football Is An Anti-God Sport


Everywhere we look, we see in the news where the sport of football, at all levels, has embraced and even politicized ungodly lifestyles which are against God’s Commandments. No person who believes in God should have anything to do with the sport of football, absolutely nothing. No person who plays, watches, supports, or works in […]

Is Your Ear Uncircumcised? Can You Hear Me NOW?


Do you have an uncircumcised ear? Apparently most of those in the religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam DO have uncircumcised ears… Islam has many references to the Torah Scriptures and Sabbath in their Quran but they refuse to even consider obeying those verses in their writings. Judaism gives endless mention of the Torah Scriptures […]

Messiah Sanctified By The Blood Of The Covenant


Does your mind always keep coming back to Hebrews 10:29 ? It should. How many times have you seen theological Christians speak with disdain about The Covenant? But Hebrews 10:29 says Messiah was sanctified by the blood of The Covenant. Messiah had to be sanctified by the blood of The Covenant BEFORE he went to […]

Love God The Father – Keep The Sabbath HOLY!

Beit Yanai Beach Israel

It is impossible to love God the Father fully without keeping the 7th Day Sabbath HOLY. Those Israelite’s who marched with YHVH and Moses out of Egypt saw the plagues, saw the cloud by day and the fire by night, then watched the Red Sea part as Moses lifted his arms, then marched across on […]

Believe EQUALS and means OBEY

John 5-24BelievesInHimWhoSentMe

You know, it’s one thing to know a verse in the Bible. That is called knowledge… But it is quite different to fully understand what it means! That is called understanding. That is WHY the Berean’s searched The Scriptures (Genesis thru Malachi) to see if what Paul was saying was true… It is not like […]