The Church of Acts was first formed by me in about 1987 as the result of a vision I had that those who had been born again were mostly not following Messiah’s directions and The Church of Acts was to be formed to evangelize, take care of the homeless, minister in prisons and nursing homes, and do the regular work some churches do and many others do not DO.

I owned a large property on a major highway so myself and a pastor friend started a home church and I painted and put up huge signs in a V shape attached to 3 – 4*4 10ft posts so traffic could see the signs coming from either direction.

I thought the vision was for then and in my zealousness I did not know how to seek YHVH’s perfect timing.  I was about 28 years early, apparently and soon my pastor friend got Air Force change of station orders and other things consumed my life so the effort failed and for years I wondered why and could not understand the torment I went through in my personal life.

Torment in one’s personal life has a way of making or breaking a person and I had my share of both, and in spades!

About a decade ago, I searched domain names and TheChurchOfActs.com was taken by someone living in Tennessee, if my memory serves me correctly.  I tried to contact them to no avail but I was drawn to monitor the domain.  No one ever put up a website for that domain and I though that was odd.

In Winter 2014, I knew the time had come, when Name.com showed me the domain would go up for bidding as it had been let go by the previous owner.  It takes a while for a domain let go to become fully available.  In late April, 2014, just a couple of days before I left for the Philippines to marry my love, Ariene, the domain was mine and I knew the time had come.  How quickly things would progress I did not know but YHVH was showing me many things and I resolved myself to seek His timing and not rush things as He was putting a mountain of tasks on my plate.

Now, right before the start of Daniel’s 70th Week and right before the global economic crash that brings about a one world government and currency.  I am just a few weeks from having been born again 40 years ago.  The timing is incredible and I stand in awe of how things can be so perfectly orchestrated by YHVH.

TheChurchOfActs.com will lead the body of Messiah into the Wilderness of Revelation 12.  That event is about 4 years away.  The Body of Messiah, the righteous and blameless will become ONE, echad, by that time.

These events I see in vision after vision of the last days are incredibly humbling and my only desire is to bring others to a saving faith in Messiah before the Second Exodus, and for those who do not make the Wilderness and are left outside, I want them to have to have the tools and knowledge to obtain the understanding very quickly to get in right relationship with YHVH no matter what they face on the outside.

I am a musician, and I have signed over every dime I will ever make from music ministry both secular and religious, any books or other physical items I could ever profit from – signed over to the TheChurchOfActs.com as I do not need the money and I prefer to live a very simple lifestyle like my wife from the Philippines did there.

YHVH gave me the perfect mate for my simple desires…


Marshall Swing