Christmas Pagan Idol Worship Idolatry


No matter how you examine it, in the Bible, Christmas is a false, pagan, idol centered festival that has nothing to do with the birth of God’s Son.

In fact, the Bible commands true believers not to use pagan tree decorations, Jeremiah 10.

If you do not know this, do yourself a huge favor and watch one or both of these short videos on the subject:


By Norm Franz:


Learn how to keep God’s Commandments like His Son did.



IDOLATORS invalidate their chance for salvation, according to the Apostle Paul.  1 Corinthians 6:8-10
Repent, rid your house of pagan IDOLATRY, and keep the Father’s Commandments [God’s Righteousness] found in Exodus thru Deuteronomy (Matthew 6:33)