Southern California Burning – REPENT!!!

WhyIsSouthernCaliforniaBurningREPENTJeremiah 4-11-12

Friday, December 1, 2017 is exactly 70 Weeks (490 days) before Revelation 12:14

…by my spreadsheet calculations… and by numerous confirmations that I have not yet revealed.

Long before last Friday, I foretold in several places to watch as events happen during the 70 Weeks before April 5, 2019.

Events in Jerusalem, Israel and California and elsewhere have EXPLODED.

The 490 days are going to seem like a mad roller coaster.

Then it gets worse, far worse, for 1260 days+, then the Day of YHVH comes.

Some people accuse me of setting dates…

Strange, to them, that almost all of what I say comes true.

The accusers don’t know me and are not interested in the facts.  Some people just enjoy accusing.  And I don’t care, as their words condemn them, as who they really are.

All they point to is an economic collapse in 2015 that did not happen.  What they do not know or what they do not like to talk about if they do know is, at the same time, I fasted 40 days and nights asking YHVH to delay it.  And maybe He did…  I don’t know… for sure…  All I know is what I did and that is well documented history.

And this time, YHVH help me, I’m laying out the timeline I know and believe is THE timeline, and I will not ask Him to delay a single thing.  He will bring his full force and fury to bear upon the world as is His Full Plan and the days will not be cut short because I once again ask Him for a delay.

Is anybody going to tell California to repent and keep Torah?

Does anybody care?




If you do not know what I believe happens at the end of this 490 days then read this: