No Morals, No Standards = SLAVERY


You would think the Health Care industry would have standards.

You would think the Health Care industry would have morals.

Such is NOT the case!

When an institutional system, business, or individual does not keep promises that is stealing and robbery, and all who participate in and do those things will have a bad Judgment and cannot enter the Kingdom of YHVH and His Son.


After all their Hippocratic Oath/creed is “first, do not harm…”

Maybe it is really a HYPOCRITE oath?

In this USAToday article, the health care industry we are talking about is run by the United States government!

Ok, so little surprise, very little in the way of standards and morals in Congress so why should the VA be any different?

Military guys and gals sign up for Uncle Sam’s wars and run off to Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other countries these days and die by the many thousands and get permanently maimed physically and mentally, and disabled by the many 10,000s only to come home to VA health care that does not sanction their own doctors who they identify as bad or deficient and harmful.  And they even let them leave the VA and enter private practice with no record to follow them.

Is it any wonder with a government mentality like that then we see no worker health standards in force in the health care industry?

Wouldn’t you think to be a health care worker you would be required to live a healthy lifestyle?  Maintain ideal body weight and be an example?  Not smoke at all?  Maintain fitness levels?

Just some standard…  Any standard at all?

That’s not the case.


Do health care workers live unhealthy so the rest of society will follow their example so the medical and pharmaceutical drug companies financially benefit?  (think about it for once, why don’t those industries police their own?)

So, do you think these unhealthy attitudes bleed into all the rest of society?  Just look at Hillary Clinton whose Libya policies have led to Africans sold on the slave trading blocks in Libya!

By the way, the guys and gals who run off to Uncle Sam’s political wars are required by the U.S. Military to maintain height, weight, and fitness standards.

Is it just too much to ask their health care workers be an example and do the same as our military are required to do?

We hear all this JUNK TRASH TALK by millions of people who say “God Bless the USA” and who say they love our guys and gals in uniform and they support them (as they die or become disabled) but where are The People and their leaders while horrors go on at VA hospitals?




I think all the fans at America’s sports events should TAKE A KNEE in protest, every time the national anthem is played, until all active duty military and all military veterans receive quality health care with Congress fixing the system.




The recent movie, American Veteran, tells the true story of veteran suicides estimated to be 22 per day, drug use, typical difficulties obtaining disability compensation, and impossibly long wait lines of many months at VA health care centers.  The majority of veteran suicides are older veterans and the suicide rate is almost twice the civilian population.  Veterans leave their nuclear families when single, then often marry when in service and are usually forever displaced away from those nuclear families, are many years behind same age counterparts when they do enter the workforce, and have to work far longer than civilians to retire with similar compensations.

If anybody should get the highest standard of health care in this country, it is those who die in the military and their families, and those who are disabled in the service of this country.

Nobody deserves high quality health care more than those who put their lives, limbs, and health on the line to serve civilians who risk none of those things.

How can anybody be so heartless and watch another baseball game or play another round of golf until those maimed, disfigured, and disabled veterans are provided the best care possible?

Isn’t it time military veterans got more than lip service, Barack Obama?  What are you campaigning for now?

Can Donald Trump TAKE A KNEE for Vets and protest by not playing golf?

And where are the pastors in this country on this issue?