We do not yet do internet or TV broadcasts on the Bible or Messianic Truth, Sabbath broadcasts.

If we do and when we do, it will be done a very certain and specific Way.

In fact, I currently make the very strong recommendation NOT TO WATCH ANY BROADCAST OF ANY MINISTRY on YHVH’s Sabbath unless their ministry is doing what you read in Nehemiah 8 & 9 and to my knowledge NO ministry is doing those things.

If you investigate, you will notice I own the domains:


I am pretty sure YHVH has placed those domains into my hand for His very specific reasons.

Most broadcast ministries on the Sabbath are prone to violating Sabbath LAW.

They will pick up the phone can call Vimeo or YouTube or whoever if they have technical problems and in doing so they have already placed themselves in the predicament of Numbers 15:32

Many or most of these “ministries” will hold “Feast” days in hotels and cause hotel workers, caterers, and other contractors to work for them on the Sabbath Day of YHVH.

Most of these ministries will barely read The Scriptures and barely give time for true praise and worship.

Most of these ministries are centered around “the teaching” rather than the people developing their own personal ministries.

Those infractions lead to a bad Judgment.

The true Whole House of Israel does not do those things…

Unfortunately, most ministries are built around the teaching of a man and that is not the ministry approved by YHVH.

The true ministry on YHVH’s Sabbath Day is centered on the voluminous reading of The Scriptures per Psalms 1 and other places as well as praise and worship of The Most High – not some man’s teachings.

A true ministry is not a charismatic teacher’s game and display that will fail when that man is no more.

There is a time and a place for teaching but it is not on the Sabbath of the Most High, and teaching is secondary to reading The Scriptures.

If the people obey these simple things then YHVH opens their understanding and we see this in Nehemiah 8 & 9.

If you do watch a broadcast on Sabbath, then compare what you see to Nehemiah 8 & 9 and you make absolutely sure they do not violate the Sabbath in various ways.

Nehemiah 8:17 says it had been since the days of Joshua since these things were done.