Paul Kept THE LAW of YHVH God All His Life!


We hear so much about the Apostle Paul being the rescuer believers from THE LAW which YHVH God the Father gave the children of Israel in The Wilderness after Egypt and crossing the Red Sea.

But, fortunately, most everything we hear about Paul in Theology is FALSE.

Written right in the verses of Acts 21, we see clearly Paul encouraged by James to prove to everyone in Jerusalem that he keeps Torah.

In verse 20, James describes the new believers as MYRIAD, meaning almost countless, and those new believers are ZEALOUS for THE LAW of YHVH God which the Father gave to the children of Israel.

In verses 23 & 24 James tells Paul they have 4 men who have taken a vow under THE LAW of YHVH God and they must purify themselves and shave their heads and Paul is instructed to purify himself with them and pay all of their expenses!

In verse 26, we see Paul takes charge of everything and also purified himself and then goes to The Temple to present everyone and announce the expiration of the days of purification and as THE LAW instructs Paul will make the offering.

And when the seven days of the vow is almost ended, the false theological believers bear false witness accusing Paul of violating THE LAW of YHVH God the Father.

In verse 24, the most beautiful part of this chapter is James makes it clear to Paul that he needs to “walk orderly and keep THE LAW” so the people have no doubt as to his validity as a true believer and leader.

God’s Son Yeshua Messiah was indeed correct and meticulous when he said in Matthew 5 that he would never, ever, under no circumstance make even a pen stroke of a change to His Father YHVH’s LAW which was given to the children of Israel as their path to a good Judgment, salvation, and eternal life!

You can always depend on YHVH God and His Son – THEY NEVER CHANGE!