Lunar Sabbath Conspiracy Exposed!


This is absolute proof the “lunar sabbath 8,15,22,29″ conspiracy is false…

This should be more than enough proof for anyone to logically see the fallacies of “lunar sabbath” theory.

The overwhelming PROBLEM for lunar sabbath-ists is Messiah kept the correct Sabbath time and there is no record in history of Romans having to deal with the Sabbath changing to a different day each month.  That would have been the most absolute wacky thing to deal with if you were a conquering country and could not schedule work because each month the Sabbath would be on different days of the week.  There is nothing anywhere in the historical record that shows such a wacky problem with the Jews!

And there is the LITTLE PROBLEM that you cannot count the 50 days to Shavuot/Pentecost across 2 lunar sabbath months…

But, if it is not enough, then watch this teaching: